Exhibition title: An Empty Room: The Sequel
Artist: Daniel Eatock
Exhibition dates: September 17 – October 10, 2013
Exhibition space: Philip J. Steele Gallery

An empty room is an oxymoron. For a room to exist, it must contain the things that define it as a room, such as walls, ceilings, doors, and floors. This paradox is precisely where Daniel Eatock’s solo exhibition, An Empty Room: The Sequel, started. 

All the equipment, display furniture, lighting etc., from the previous show was used to create readymade artworks. The architectural elements of the gallery were captioned, all photographs and exhibition announcements from the previous exhibitions were displayed and the gallery attendant hiring process is revisited. Everything was undone, yet still somehow left in its place. The focus of the work is on awareness, both of social constructs and the physical space. 

An Empty Room: The Sequel featured a dynamic, experiential staging of objects, archives, and processes that are already present at every exhibition, but are often tucked away or hidden in plain sight. 

Works shown courtesy of the artist.

Photography: Sara Ford