Exhibition title: Likeness
Artist: Joseph Coniff
Exhibition dates: May 4 — August 1, 2012
Exhibition Space: RMCAD's Alumni Gallery 

Joseph Coniff’s exhibition "Likeness" explores ideas of identity, imagery and corresponding relationships. By focusing the viewer on a multiple reproductions of a portrait found online, the artist is able to speak to the infinite reproducibility of the online digital image.  Coniff’s works have a sense of deadpan humor to them all whilst revealing, confounding, and challenging meaning. This body of work relies on how our relation to digital imagery is fundamental changing our relation to conceptions of the authentic. By drawing the viewer’s attention to redundancy, commonality, and plurality Coniff's work sets up a situation for us to be physically inundated with the same image produced many times in several different scales. 

Works shown courtesy of the artist.

Photography: Joseph Coniff