Exhibition title: New Brutal
Artist: Derrick Velasquez

Exhibition Dates:  November 12 - December 12, 2015
Exhibition Space: The Stanley Marketplace airplane hangar

Curated by Cortney Lane Stell, Black Cube Executive Director + Chief Curator

New Brutal, a site-specific sculpture created for The Stanley Marketplace airplane hangar, is Black Cube fellow, Derrick Velasquez’s largest-scale work to date. Black Cube’s third pop up exhibition features a 25-foot tower-shaped sculpture inspired by common building materials, such as Tyvek sheeting and plywood. New Brutal takes its title from Brutalism, a style of art characterized by a deliberate plainness.

Informed by Denver’s recent building boom, this work takes cues from both the architectural plainness the artist sees in the design of Denver’s new buildings as well as the beauty he sees in the construction process. The Stanley Marketplace is an active construction site making it the perfect location as it directly relates to the materials and concept behind the work.