Exhibition title: Placard à Balais 
Artist: Simon Collet
Exhibition dates: 
Exhibition space: RMCAD's Rude Gallery

In Placard à Balais (Broom Closet) Collet presents an experimental installation in response to the size of the Rude Gallery. The gallery is turned into the in-between space of a broom closet, referencing functional spaces not often considered for viewing art. Collet responded to the small size and location of the gallery, which is placed between two classrooms and tucked away from the entrance of the building. 

The artist’s intention was to “create mechanisms for questioning the primary issues of art: what am I looking at, how do I look, and why am I looking.” The materials used in Placard à Balais were culled from everyday materials like wood, copper, acrylic panels, paper, and fabric, among others. These materials are familiar and at the same time unfamiliar as they are stripped of their common use. It is through this use that the installation came to be about how objects like a door, a shelf, or a poster can transcend the common through subtle changes in scale, treatment, relation, or placement.

Works shown courtesy of the artist.

Photography: Simon Collet