Exhibition title: Something about the State of Being
Artists: Mina Milk, Lucas Simões, Jason Bard Yarmosky, Andie Mazorol, Tynan Kerr,  Sergio Albiac
Exhibition dates: August – October, 2012
Exhibition space: Philip J. Steele gallery 

Something about the State of Being featured six international contemporary artists whose work investigates the natural state of living in flux, both bodily and psychologically, as expressed through arrested representations of the body. The artists featured in the exhibition are Mina Milk (RU), Lucas Simões (BR), Jason Yarmosky (US), Andie Mazorol and Tynan Kerr (US), and Sergio Albiac (ES). Their work ranges from drawing to computer-generated images, all of which conceptually respond to the paradoxical nature of representing transformation through fixed images. The works in the exhibition show the body as a container sensitive to the changing societal, environmental, biological, and technological conditions of contemporary life. The exhibition critically engaged and challenged concepts of fixed identity. The artworks on display did not state facts, but rather considered and explored the essence of being.