Exhibition title: The Eye Awake
Artists: Matthew Harris and Ian Fischer
Exhibition dates: December – January, 2012
Exhibition space: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art at the Mackey 

The pairing of Matthew Harris’ detail photographs with Ian Fisher’s cloud paintings raises one of contemporary art’s enduring partnerships, that between physicality and idealism. Harris’ photographs are documentation of the amazing experimentalism found in his sculptural process.  These works are paired with Fisher’s subject matter is billowing summer clouds that touch on the idealism often found in spiritual art.  Next to each other the works pull out a grasping at understanding the aesthetic world around us but also highlight the different places that aesthetic objects can be found. In the correspondences and contrasts between the sacred and the profane, the mundane and the iconic, the artists draw out a sense of the complexity of our visual world by observing the sublime and ridiculous details of everyday life.